Welcome to my website, a place where I think it then ink it.

My name is Lew Coleman and I specialise in character designer for video games, sprite work, animation, comic books and personalised caricatures – and I’m available for commission work and freelance projects.

I recently graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in ‘Design for Games’ at the Plymouth College of Art and also studied ‘Cartooning’ with the London School of Journalism. My most recent work includes; 2d platform video games, graphic art poster design and artwork for independent computer game companies.

My illustrative style has expanded over the years enabling me to develop a vast artistic pallet which spans from the more traditional cartoon artwork to the popular Japanese Manga and Anime graphic designs.

I find myself able to create and customise character designs to fit the requirements of almost any client brief and can produce them in the following formats – pencil design concept – digital inking and rendering.

Additional Concept Designs: My early artistic inspiration came from characters like ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ and ‘Dragon Ball Z’ which has influenced my artwork, this style can be injected into a range of illustrations: * Objects and vehicles * Artilliary and weapons * Scenery and landscaping * Sprites for 2d gaming * Web comics * Games apps * Character designs for card games * Personalised portrait caricatures

Pricing: Costing depends on time, details and intricacy of artwork involved. Prices are normally quoted on an hourly rate and will be discussed and agreed before work commences.